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Previous teaching

Geneva @ HEAD Genève
London @ Creative Computing Institute @ UAL
Berlin @ The School of Machines
London @ The Royal College of Art

Building a DIY space on Mars, Bombay Beach, March 2020

#0 Intimate Hardware
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From The New Everyday Life residency with Are.na and SPACE10.


Intimate Hardware is an internet-connected jewellery device to be worn at home. Its function is to heat up when it is worn on the body, enabling an exchange of thermal energy between users. The hardware is designed so that any human can build it with simple tools to suit their own unique needs. Each module, a prefabricated printed circuit board, acts as a point of stimulation on the body, tapping into areas that respond positively to stimulation.


#1 The Mars Center for Delinquent Activity
Completed as part of the brahman.ai (now Mars College) residency in Bombay Beach, California. In collaboration with @alsinoskowronnek

When you start to think of colonies in space, suddenly you are thinking of sustainable living on Earth. The MCDA is an exploration into what a DIY space for youth culture might look like on Mars. A machine learning and solar-powered art space, at the MCDA everything is AI generated: graffiti tags, tattoo ideas and illegal cocktail recipes. A place where Martian teenagers hang out and explore new technologies beyond purely “adult” commercial and monetary applications. ☄️


#2 Touchy-Feely Tech


Touchy-Feely is for curious individuals who want to be able to build their own intimate tech solutions. Between 2018 and 2020 we ran several DIY Vibrator workshops and hackathons, both online and in NYC, Amsterdam and London.


#3 Triptych Exhibition at TERRA NEXUS, London
Hardware & creative direction
In collaboration with Freyja Sewell, Louis Rutherford, Hector Dyer


Triptych, here on display at Proposition Studios’ TERRA NEXUS exhibition, explores nature, technology and humans living together simultaneously. The Triptych performer @freyjasewell wears a living suit covered in sedum. The sensor wirelessly triggers the grow light and misting systems, keeping the suit alive as the performer breathes.


#4 AI Tattoo (2017)
Produced as part of a residency at 72andSunny Amsterdam


The ai.tattoo tool navigates a dataset of tattoo ideas generated using textgenrnn and trained on a custom-collected dataset. By submitting a number of related inputs such as placement and theme, the tool uses a classification algorithm to refine the search in order to find a perfectly matched idea. Generated ideas include “A small boxing dandelion”, “A gothic butterfly” and “The house from the movie “UP” covered in blood”. The resulting ideas were designed and some eventually tattooed by living tattoo artists. I received “A snake wearing a coat of dancing characters”, tattooed by Sagflap at Fantasy Berlin.


#5 AI Arcade
In collaboration with Clare Kelly. Exhibited at NOW INSTANT, Los Angeles 


This traditional arcade machine is host to a number of video artists’ work. Each button applies a machine learning-powered lense, from dense image captioning to subtitle generation. The arcade allows the watcher to play with the ability to see how machines interpret images and video. Submissions to the Arcade came from a range of artists and locations.


#6 True Self
Hardware, production & creative direction

a) @ Galeria Melissa, London
b) @ Katapult Future Fest, Oslo


Inspired by Aura photoraphy, tarot cards and horoscopes, this photobooth reveals a portrait of the user’s True Self. An algorithmically-generated print reveals a unique haze of colour and 3D shapes while a cosmic message relays your inner desires. The photo booth traveled to Galeria Melissa in London and Katapult Future Fest in Oslo. In collaboration with Natalia Stuyk and Joseph Pleass.


#7 Nike London on Air: Air Max Day celebrations
Hardware, workshop design & creative direction
Play the game here


I ran an interactive design workshop held as part of Nike’s Air Max Anniversary celebrations. The workshops taught participants how to create their own stitched game controllers using conductive thread, a custom-made circuit board and a Makey Makey microcontroller. The 2D platformer (developed in Unity) made to accompany the workshop tracks the history of the Air Max through the ages since its first appearance in 1987.


#8 Stitch


This interactive cross stitch activity introduces those who are unfamiliar with technology to the Internet. By connecting to an-on screen lesson, the object becomes a controller that advances the tutorial as each stitch is made, bridging the gap between analog and digital processes.


#9 Sound Posters


Two Sound Posters created for Trapped in Suburbia with Jiawei Van Kleef: A Shy Poster that closes off when you approach it too quickly, and a Theremin Poster that can be played as a musical instrument without touch.


#10 Printed Circuit Board experiments

Hardware experiments. Tinder PCB (random number generator) and EU Flag / Brexit PCB (roulette wheel).